Bat Bugs Vs Bed Bugs: Which One Is Worst?

Bed bugs are a very annoying pest. But do you know they have a look-alike relative that can enter your house? Well, the problem is known as bat bugs. 

Don’t worry if you have never heard of this insect because we have made this simple bat bugs vs. bed bugs comparison today.

This bed bugs vs. bat bugs comparison post covered ” bites, size, color, infestation habit, and preventions.” By the end of this post, you can easily understand the difference between both the bloodsuckers.

So let’s jump right in…

bed bugs vs bat bugs image
Source:-  “Bat Bugs”Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet.

Usually, Bat bugs and bed bugs both look alike. It is difficult to tell the difference between the two insects. However, one distinguishing feature is that the bite of bat bugs is more painful than that of bed bugs. In addition, bat bugs have more fringe hairs on the pronotum than bed bugs.

A Quick Difference Between Bat Bugs And Bed Bugs (In Tabular From)

Bat BugsBed Bugs
Identification Longer hairs on their shells. Fewer hairs as Compared
to bat bugs.
Infestation Site Caves, attics,
wall voids, unused chimneys.
Bed frame, beddings, curtains
and furniture.
Potential HostBats, rodents,
and other birds.
(Mostly Humans) But they bite dogs
and cats in the absence of humans.
Invasion Through attaching on wings
and the body of bats and other birds.
Through person’s stuff and other infested places.
Bites PainfulLess Painful
Size5-7 mm or 3/16 – 1/4 inch long 6 mm or 1/4 inch long
Color Dark brown Brownish red
PreventionsSealing all the entries of bats and other birds.Washing, vacuuming, and using a chemical spray.


Bat Bugs Identification

Bat bugs are small insects. They look like apple seeds. Furthermore, they have a flat oval-shaped body which helps them hide inside cracks and crevices.

They have six legs that help them crawl on their host and any other surface.

However, the only difference is that bat bugs have longer hairs on their shells than do bedbugs. And their shell hairs are straight and require a microscope to see them.

Bed Bugs Identification

Bed bugs look just like bat bugs. Unfortunately, there are significantly fewer identification differences between both the insects.

Although bed bugs also do have hairs on their hair. But these hairs look like tiny hooks under the microscope. Also, they are smaller as compared to bat bugs’ fringe hairs.

Infestation Site 

Bat Bugs Infestation Site

These insects are mainly found in caves, attics, wall voids, unused chimneys, or uninhabited house portions. They can even be found on abandoned buildings.   

Bed Bugs Infestation Site

Bed bugs are usually found on beds and bedding. If you want to see this insect, you should check your pillows, mattress, and bed frame. As they mostly bite their host in the night.

You can also observe them in your other furniture like closets and drawers.

Potential Host

Bat Bugs Potential Host  

As the name suggests, bat bugs are generally known to bite all types of bats. They suck blood from the wings of small brown bats and adult bats.

Bat bugs cannot bite on the belly of a bat because they have fur all over their body except for the wings, which makes it difficult to bite.

If they cannot find a potential host (Bats), they may bite rodents and other birds.

Also, this insect can crawl into your room through your attics or chimneys, where they can bite you.

Bed Bugs Potential Host

Since bed bugs are household pests, they mostly bite humans and pets such as dogs and cats.

Unlike bat bugs, bed bugs do not bite birds and bats under the bed and other furniture.

We know and experience that bed bugs mostly bite us (humans) because their blood-sucking mouths can easily pierce our skin.

Also, We release more carbon dioxide than other organisms, which attracts these insects.


Bat Bugs Invasion

This insect travels by hiding inside the wings or attaching to bats’ fur.

Bat bugs have tiny hooks at the end of each leg that help them have a firm grip on any surface.

Bed Bugs Invasion

Bed bugs can travel from a person’s luggage, and they can move within walls, through floor and ceiling openings, and on pipes.

This insect can also spread from hotels, motels, and movie theaters.


Bat Bugs Bites

Bat bugs bite is more painful than bed bugs bite. However, we may not feel the bite of a bat bug.

They might feel itchy and irritating, just like bed bugs bites.

Bed Bugs Bites

Studies have shown that bed bug bites cause less pain than bat bug bites.

This may be because bat bugs exert more force than bedbugs when biting their host.

Size And Color

The size and the color of both of these insects are the same.

However, there are some minor differences that you need to understand.

Bed Bugs Size And Color

According to, the size of an adult bed bug is 5-7 mm or 3/16 – 1/4 inch long. Also, the size of the nymphs is 0.09 inches, 2.5mm.

Since a nymph cannot consume much blood, it appears white or colorless.

At the same time, adult bedbug looks brownish-red because they have sucked a lot of blood and have developed themselves into their final stages.

Bat Bugs Size And Color       

The average size of adult bats is 6 mm or 1/4 inch long. Their shape is similar to that of a bedbug.

Even bat bugs nymphs are identical to bed bugs nymphs.

However, The color of bat bugs is darker than that of bed bugs. The actual color of bat bugs is dark brown.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs And Bat bugs 

Both bed bugs and bat bugs have similar weaknesses. But because of the attack site, getting rid of the two insects is quite different.

Bat Bugs Prevention

As bat bugs are found where bats live, the best thing you can do is to seal all the secret entrances through which bats can enter.

If bats cannot enter your house, then these pests cannot enter your house either. Also, it is beneficial to seal all cracks and services inside fireplaces, attics, and exteriors.

But if these insects have entered your room, you can use some more advanced tricks like sucking up chemicals in the form of spray ethanol and thinners.

These chemical sprays will rip the shell of the bat bugs, killing them.

Bed Bugs Prevention

We have already mentioned many bed bug prevention tips in almost all of our articles.

But we believe that the best suggestion is to call in a professional examiner because every one of us knows how fast these insects spread their population.

Plus, they are difficult to find because they are small and can quickly go inside crevices.

An examinator knows where to find bed bugs and how to deal with them.

But if you’re a money saver like me, you can use a vacuum cleaner and diatomaceous earth, a natural substance that can kill these insects quickly.

In addition, washing your beds and bed frames can also deter these insects.

Final Words

Both bat bugs and bed bugs are blotch suckers, but their hosts, infection sites, and prevention differ.

Hopefully, now you know the difference between bat bugs and bedbugs. Although a microscope is required to see the difference, it is always beneficial to know your enemy up close.

If you like today’s topic, bat bugs vs. bed bugs, please let us know from your comments.

Also, if you also have some suggestions related to this topic, please let us know.

Till then, enjoys and stay safe…

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