Can Bed Bugs Live In Metal Bed Frame? [Here’s What To Do]

I think you all will agree with me when I say it’s hard to get rid of bed bugs from your home. It is because bed bugs can infest almost any surface. But what about the metal?

Yes, right today’s topic is can bed bugs infest metal bed frames and other furniture? And how to eliminate them.

Can Bed Bugs Live In Metal Bed Frame?

Can bed bugs live In metal surface

Bed bugs are notorious insects that can infest almost any surface. They can even live in a metal bed frame. Often these insects are mostly found around metal screws and corners. The presence of these insects on your bed frame indicates your mattress is severely infested.

Most bed bugs are found in warm places. That’s why your mattress and bedding are always infested. 

In metal bed frames, the most comfortable places for them to hide are the corners. Because in this way they will feel the heat deriving from the mattress.

Can Bed Bugs Live on Metal Bed

Also, because metal frames are usually black, they make suitable hiding places for these insects. According to the Journal of Medical Entomology, bed bugs are attracted to dark colors because in this way they can be invisible to the human eye.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide In Metal Frame?

As mentioned above, bed bugs can easily hide on a metal frame because of the dark color. But, it is even more difficult for these insects to find a more proper place to hide. 

A metal is a very durable material. Unlike wood bedding, it doesn’t form cracks and holes from moisture and aging. This means that bed bugs can only hide inside predrilled holes and gaps.

Plus, if you’re using a waterbed or another type of mattress on top of your metal frame, you’re adding more areas for these insects to hide in. Since bed bugs cannot burrow into any surface, they have to hide on the outer surfaces of the bed.

Being on the outer surface, they become visible, and eventually, they are killed by the host.

Do Bed Bugs Like Metal?

Do Bed Bugs like Metal

Bed bugs prefer all types of surfaces, whether metal or wood. If the surface is closer to the host, it is more conducive to infection. Bed bugs only want to be close to their hosts so that they can easily feed on them whenever they want. They need blood to keep their bodies warm and start the mating process.

Can Bed Bugs Climb on Metal?

Metal surfaces are not as smooth as plain glass and tile, which means bed bugs can climb onto metal surfaces. Their six legs will help them have a stable grip on any surface.

It is entirely wrong if you believe that having a metal frame bed can prevent these insects. They can easily climb onto your metal frame bed to feed on you.

These insects are so fast that they can sometimes bite you and immediately hide under the folds and holes in your mattress.

Bed bugs cannot fly and jump. They can reach you by your scent. 

These insects use their antennae to sense human smell at night. The closer they are to humans, the more pungent their antennae sense smell.

Can Bed Bugs Lay Eggs On Metal Surfaces?

Bed bugs release a special liquid that helps them stick their eggs to any surface. This glue can coat their eggs and evaporate once they are completely glued to a surface.

Bed bugs can lay their eggs on rough metal surfaces. They mostly stick their eggs on hidden surfaces such as mattresses, corners, and around metal screws.

These insects can even stick their feces on a metal surface. These feces and glues are indicators that a place is a good place for infestation. The metal folding bed I once owned was infested with bed bugs when I was dealing with them.

Can Bed Bugs Live In Other Metal Furniture?

Bed bugs can infest metal furniture as they can infest other types of furniture. It doesn’t matter what kind of furniture you have; bed bugs can survive as long as there are crevices they can hide.

Bed Bugs In Metal Drawers

Bed Bugs In Metal Drawers

Metal drawers are commonly used in offices, and it is rare to find bed bugs in these types of places unless the place is severely affected.

However, if you are using metal drawers in your bed bugs, then the chance is high that these bugs will crawl and make their way inside these drawers.

After mating, female bed bugs find places where they can lay eggs. To keep the eggs from being disturbed, she always finds an area not visible to humans.

And drawers are the ideal places for these insects to lay eggs. Mostly you will find bed bugs on the footers and corners of your metal drawers.

Bed Bugs In Metal Cabinet

Bed Bugs In Metal Cabinet

Bed bugs can also live in your metal cabinet if enclosed and dark, which is usually the case.

When choosing a new hiding place, these insects gravitate towards black, red, and brown because, to their eyes, these colors represent darkness. 

Bed bugs are more likely to live in cabinets that you do not frequently use because opening them disturbs them and spreads them.

Bed Bugs In Metal Box Spring

Bed bugs can live on metal box springs, including covers. Since they cannot borrow, they cannot go inside the bed unless there is an opening.

A metal box spring is just like a regular bed, making it easy for bed bugs to infest and lay eggs in different hidden places.

Many people believe that bed bugs are tough to kill because they are tiny and react very quickly when disturbed.

Although they are right…

But with the proper knowledge, you can quickly kill them with your metal accessories and furniture.

How To Get Bed Bugs Out Of Metal?


Vacuuming is one of the most effective old-school methods for killing bed bugs. This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of these creatures.

As we know, bed bugs are fast, but when the vacuum cleaner is used on them, their legs do not make a stronghold. Plus, with the help of a vacuum, you can easily collect all the insects and their eggs.

If you are planning to use a vacuum cleaner, you need to be aware of all the places where bed bugs live.

Wiping And Alchohol Spray

Metal is a smoother surface than wooden surfaces, so you can easily clean it with the help of a wiping cloth.

If you have bed bugs on your metal furniture, you can pray for an alcohol-based spray on these insects. You can wipe the feces and eggs with the help of a cloth.

By wiping away the feces and eggs, you remove any evidence of bed bugs that they used to re-mature in someplace.

My Case Study

Bed Bugs In Metal folding bed

I slept on my metal folding bed when dealing with bed bugs. Every night I felt something crawling and biting at my feet. At first, I thought it was a mosquito, but I saw a bed bug on my sheet one day. Then I find out that my bed is full of these blood-sucking creatures.


First, I try to check my mattress because, like others, I believe bed bugs cannot infest metal bed frames. So I investigated and found a few knots in each corner of my mattress.

Even after eliminating these insects from the mattress, I still noticed some of them. The next day, I thoroughly examined my metal bed frame and mattress.

I found many bed bugs and their eggs sticking to my bed frame. These insects were living inside pipes and holes. I was shocked because I had never seen that many bed bug feces and eggs in my life.

I used my ethanol spray and brush to clean the surface to kill all the insects. Finally, I washed my bed frame and put it outside in the sun.

From then I realize the potentiality of bed bugs on the metal surfaces.

If you also have a bed bugs story, please share it with us; we love to hear from you… Till then, stay safe.

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