Can Bed Bugs Lay Eggs In Hair And Skin?

Bed bugs are very famous, usually for their bad qualities or actions. As most people know they are very capable of living in the most extreme conditions.

When I dealt with bed bugs, the things I saw most often were dead bed bugs and eggs.

My friends used to ask me where I get the most bed bugs. And my answer was “I always found them near me”.

In turn, my friends always ask me “Do bed bugs lay eggs in your hair and skin too?” And I’m always like LOL WHAT!!

And now I know that it is very important to tell everyone whether bed bugs can lay eggs on your hair, skin, clothes or not?

So let’s jump right in…

Can Bed Bugs Lay Eggs In Hair?

Can Bed Bugs Lay Eggs In Hair

Most often, bed bugs live near humans, but they cannot live on humans. As a result, bed bugs cannot lay eggs even in the hair. Plus, they don’t like hairy places like your head.

Bed bugs usually lay their eggs in places where no one can disturb them. These soft and rice-like eggs are very valuable to these insects.

When a female bed bug has finished her mating process with other male insects. She tries to find new places that are closer to a host.

Because when the eggs break, it gives rise to small white-colored bed bugs which are also called bed bug nymphs. These nymphs need food (blood) for their new organs to function. That’s why the nearest place is the best.

However, insects always surprise us when it comes to choosing an infection site, but they will never choose your hair to lay eggs.

Can Bed bugs Lay Eggs On Your Skin?

Can Bed bugs Lay Eggs On Your Skin

Bed bugs like to take blood from our skin. But they can never lay eggs on human skin. Because these eggs have someplace to grow up

But it has to stick for some time, and bed bug eggs are not able to stick to human skin.

You all have heard one thing and that is “there is a place for everything” Yes, this also applies to bed bugs and their eggs.

Can Bed Bugs Lay Eggs On Clothes?

Can Bed Bugs Lay Eggs On Clothes

Bed bugs prefer fabric material. These insects live, hide and lay eggs in your clothes.

There is a possibility that bed bugs can lay eggs in your closet or inside the storage of your bedding.

The warmth provided by these clothing bed bugs, making it a suitable place for them to lay their eggs.

In addition, when bed bugs lay their eggs, they release a special type of liquid that helps them stick to the surface of the eggs. These clothes easily absorb this liquid. As such it is considered a good infestation zone for bed bugs.

Where Do Bed Bugs Lay Eggs?

According to my experience, bed bugs will surprise you in terms of nesting their eggs. Sometimes, I have also seen these eggs directly in front of me, but they are very subtle and not clearly visible to us.

But luckily, I can share my experiences with where I found bed bug eggs. So that you can sometimes save and prevent this dangerous infection.


Your curtains are one of the more overlooked places when it comes to inspecting bed bugs. But as we have told in one of our blogs that bed bugs can live on your curtains.

Since most curtains are made of fabric, this would be an ideal place for these bed bugs to lay their eggs.

Bed Frames

There’s a reason bed bugs are called “bed” “bugs.” Typically, bed bugs are most likely to be found in your bed frame.

Because that’s how they can get close to you. Bed bugs lay their eggs in corners, footrests, and even inside bed frames.


Yes, these creepy invisible bed bugs can even sneak inside your pillow to bite you at night. What’s more, bed bugs are very attractive for pillows. They can lay eggs on the inside of pillows, around sewing ends and piping.

These insects can easily see you at night and come out of the pillow and suck blood from your skin.

You may think that bed bugs have laid eggs on your skin or hair. But the truth is they are living inside your pillow and maybe coming out of them to suck your blood.


If your home is severely infested with these blood-sucking creatures, you may find them inside your electronics such as switchboards or keyboards.

In my case, I noticed a lot of bed bugs and their eggs at the bottom of my keyboard.


Well, bed bugs can lay eggs in curtains, clothing, and even electronics. But bed bugs cannot and will not lay eggs on your skin and hair. If you think that these insects and their eggs are attached to your skin, then it is completely wrong.

There might be something else. In my case, the bed bugs were living inside my leather belt. After spending so many months with these insects, I accidentally found them in a small gap in my stomach.

Hopefully, you now know that bed bugs cannot lay eggs on hair and skin.

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