Small White Bed Bugs: How To Find Them {BEST GUIDE}

Small white bed bugs!! These insects are very notorious and very annoying. Since these tiny bed bugs are slightly invisible to the human eye, they are very difficult to find.

But don’t worry, today we are about to tell you the most effective way to find and get rid of these tiny white bed bugs.

But first…

What Kinds Of Bed Bugs Are White?       

The first and second stages of bed bugs are pure white. These insects are also called bed bug nymphs. They hatch from eggs and quickly bite potential hosts to suck blood.

What Kinds Of Bed Bugs Are White
Small White Bed Bugs

After 10 and 12 days, the bed bugs hatch from the eggs, giving rise to completely white bed bugs. Sometimes these bugs are very difficult to spot.

This stage is called “tiny bed bugs” by many. This is quite acceptable as the size of a white bed bug is 1.5 mm, roughly the same size as an egg.

They are so white that if you lay a white blanket on your bed, it will be very difficult to see them.

Every time I tried to sleep, these white ones were always the ones that bothered me most.

Why White Bed Bugs Bite More? 

When a nymph is born, it first needs a blood meal. Since bed bugs only consume blood to survive, it is imperative for them to suck blood from a potential host, be it a human or an animal.

In addition, many people, including me, have experienced that these tiny white bed bugs bite more than adults.

In addition, these tiny bugs can also give you a red rash and, in the most severe cases, bite scars.

Are Dead Bed Bugs White In Color?

Yes, dead bed bugs are mostly white in color. Since the shell does not contain blood, the shell becomes transparent or whitish in color.

Also, I just want to clarify that dead bed bugs are not a sign of their death. It may also indicate that the bed bugs have reached the second stage of their life cycle.

The shells of these insects can be found even in the most remote corners where these insects have already become infected.

These dead bed bugs should be cleaned up because they can alert live bed bugs that the location is suitable for resettlement.

Where To Find These Small White Bed Bug Nymphs?

Bed bug nymphs are usually found near their nests. Since they are so small, they go back to their nests when they are fed. Because they are small and not so developed, they cannot find a mate.

Also, if you have a serious infestation in your home, you’ll find these bugs everywhere in your garage or basement.

But most bed bugs live inside your bed, which is why they’re called “bed bugs.” But where can you find these bed bugs in your bed?

Well, don’t worry, here are some of our favorite spots…

A few years back, when I was getting bed bugs. I saw them mostly on my couch. They were hidden inside a small stitching gap.

Also, unfortunately, my couch was very old and the wooden frame had a lot of cracks, so it was easy for these insects to make a home.            

How To Find White Bed Bugs In Your Bed?

Now we have reached the meat of our post. I know you are waiting for this…

Well, these white bed bugs are not easy to find, but with the right information, you can easily find them and stop them before they become blood-sucking red bed bugs.

UV Light/ FlashLight

Many times I have recommended that my readers use UV light as it has been observed to be the most effective tool for finding bed bugs.

It will make these tiny and white bed bugs glow in the dark. As well. With UV light you don’t need to hire a professional bed bug tester.

The product is cheap and easily available on Amazon.

If you don’t want to spend money, you can use your phone’s flashlight. But be careful and act fast as these insects ignore the light and will hide deep within the crevices.

Once you have located all the bed bugs, you can use a repellent spray to get rid of them.

However, you should read the instructions before using these sprays as they can damage your furniture and other home appliances.


White bed bugs are present and are called nymphs (baby bed bugs). They are very small and they are very difficult to see.

However, you can use tools like UV light and flashlight to make them visible.

So now I hope this post will help you. If you liked today’s theme “Little White bed bugs” please comment and let us know.

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