Bed bugs or Bedbugs: Which One Is Correct

Many times I have read about bed bugs and seen people refer to these insects in two different ways (bedbugs and bedbugs).

I used to get confused and irritated when I saw others speaking about these bed bugs as Bedbugs.

I even asked many pesticide companies and bloggers about which one is correct. 

Fortunately, I got my answer.

Generally, when the name of an insect accurately describes the order to which it belongs, it is written as two words: – for example, the housefly. That is why “bed bugs” is correct to refer to these insects.

Bed bugs or Bedbugs

If you search Google for bed bugs and look at the results, you’ll see that many large sites refer to these bugs as “bed bugs” and not “bedbugs”.

But few authoritative sites like and refer to these bugs as “Bedbugs”

I think the purpose behind this is to eliminate competition. 

However, all the content to all the respected sites is well structured and perfectly answered.

How Did Bed Bugs Get Their Name?

Bed bugs are usually found under the mattress pillow and corners of your bed. That is how they can easily access your blood.

These insects also have a habit of biting you at night while you were slapping on your bed.       

What Are The Other Names For Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs have a few other names like:-

  • Red Coats
  • Chinches
  • Mahogany Flats

Scientists even have their word for calling these bugs known as “Cimex lectularius“.

It is usually only Cimex lectularius and C. hemipterus that can be found in human infestations. Although rare, bats and birds may become incidental hosts of Cimex species.

Is This Possible Bed Bugs Can Live In Other Places?

Is This Possible Bed Bugs Can Live In Other Places

Bed bugs are usually live under your beddings but there are many other places where these bugs can easily live. They don’t care if it’s your bed, basement or resort.

Bed bugs can live anywhere if they can get regular blood meals.

Let me share my story with you… 

Every time I used to sit down at my desk to work on my home computer, I felt something is biting my legs and arms.

I used my smartphone flashlight and saw some bed bugs and eggs on my desk. They were hiding in cracks and holes. 

I immediately used my sanitizer spray and killed a few bed bugs. But I was worried because I know that few lift-out bed bugs can reproduce into hundreds of tiny bloodsuckers.

So I decided to do a proper investigation. To find the bed bugs I used a UV light which helped me find these bugs faster.

During my investigation, I discovered bed bugs in my desk and in some electronic devices such as keyboards and electric switches.

I opened all the sockets and devices and cleaned them with an alcohol spray.

After this incident, I got a little worried and decided to do a full house inspection.

Where Did Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed bugs originated in caves used by both humans and bats in the Middle East. Scientists have also found fossils for these bugs that are more than 3,500 years old.

Pilinus the Younger is famous for publishing the first edition of Natural History in Ancient Rome around AD 77.

In the edition, he revealed the medicinal benefits of bed bugs to treat certain ailments like ear infections and snakebites.

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