Do Bed Bugs Have Hairs? (UNCOVERED)

Bed bugs are tiny insects with a reddish oval body, and they do have a few micro hairs on their shell, also known as socketed hairs or setae. These socket hairs help these bugs to detect environmental stimuli through vibration.

These hairs help these bugs to sense all the sensations like the movement of the host and other bed bugs. However, these hairs are not visible to human eyes.

do bed bugs have hairs

Just like bed bugs, spiders also have hairs on their body. Spiders use their hairs to perform an incredible variety of tasks like sensing their surroundings, moving around, and capturing their prey in defense.

If you look at bed bugs with the naked eye, they look like apple seeds. They don’t look hairy. These hairs are so tiny that you cannot see them without the help of a microscope.

These hairs are primarily present in the shell and on the legs of bed bugs.

Do Bed Bug Eggs Have Hair?

Bed bug eggs are smooth and white like a grain of rice. Their shell does not have hairs. They are stuck inside a corner and cracks. 

These insects lay eggs in such a place that no one can spoil their eggs. This is the reason why you see these eggs in various places behind your bed or gaps in furniture.

Do Bed Bugs Nymphs Have Hairs?

Bed bugs nymphs are very tiny and not developed fully. They do not get the iconic red-brown colors. They look yellow or colorless with no hairs on their shell.

They need blood to make their bodies grow from the nymphs to their adult stage. When nymph bed bugs start sucking the blood, they produce these micro hairs on their legs and then on the shell.

How These Hairs Helps Bed Bugs?

Do Hairs Protect Bed Bugs From Chemicals

Bed bugs are excellent runners and climbers; both of these tasks are being done because of the tiny hairs on the legs.

These hairs help the insects to hold onto surfaces such as wood, clothing, and walls. These surfaces have microscopic pores that allow the hair to fit snugly and give them a comfortable feeling to walk on.

Bed bugs can walk on surfaces like metal, wood, and fabric. However, sometimes these insects failed to walk on some extra smooth surfaces like plain glass.

In addition, hairs can also sense the sensation that helps these insects to react faster than humans. This is the reason why these insects are so fast.

Bed bugs can also detect environmental conditions from these hairs since hair is associated with the body and the nervous system. These insects may have some sensation that indicates whether the environment is cold or warm.

Do Hairs Protect Bed Bugs From Chemicals?

Human hair is very thick and long, which helps them to protect the scalp from dust, bacteria, and wind. But unfortunately, the hairs of bed bugs are extremely short and thin, which cannot protect them from chemicals or other things.

A drop of a chemical spray can easily rip these hairs and kill the insects without any problem. However, bed bugs are now improving their immune system with chemical sprays.

But, even after scientific fields still do their study, we recommend you to use a suitable chemical spray to kill these insects. I always use ethanol or hand sanitizer to kill these insects. It is also recommended that you need to clean out all bed bugs, poop, and dead shells.

Before using any chemical spray, you must check its pros and cons as the smell of some sprays doesn’t suit many people.

Do Dead Bed Bugs Have Hairs?

Dead bed bugs are nothing but empty hairy shells without legs and heads. These hairs fall out of the shell because they need nourishment.

They get nourishment from the blood meal that the bed bugs consume daily. Since bed bugs shed their skin five times before reaching their maturity, these hairs don’t get the treatment they want to be called alive.

They are white and are mostly seen in places with an outbreak of bed bugs. The shells give a positive signal to other insects that the area is suitable for infestation.

You mostly find these dead bed bugs in your bed, crevices, and other furniture such as chairs or sofas.


Their bodies are oval and reddish, and they even have tiny micro hairs on their shell, known as socketed hairs or setae. This hair allows these insects to feel all the sensations like the movement of the host and other insects. Additionally, the hairs can sense the sensations that help these bugs react faster than humans. This is why they are so fast. Human hair is thick and long, which helps protect the scalp from dust, bacteria, and wind. However, bed bugs’ hairs are extremely thin and small, so they cannot protect themselves from chemicals or anything else. Dead bed bugs are empty shells with legs and heads without hair.

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