Bed Bug Eggs Hard or Soft? Do They Look Like Rice?

People that are facing bed bugs infestation have so many questions. And, the most asked one is “are bed bug eggs hard or soft”.

“Do they look like rice”…

And that is why we made this amazing post to answer all the questions about bed bug eggs.

Bed Bug Eggs Hard or Soft?

Answer: Bed bug eggs are soft, smooth, and white, therefore they are difficult to detect. You are capable of squeezing them with almost no pressure. In addition, bed bug eggs resemble grains of rice under a microscope.

There are so small that you can easily sweep these eggs rather them squeeze them your fingers.

Do Bed Bug Eggs Look Like Rice Grain?


Bed bug eggs look very similar to rice grain except for their size and hardness.

Rice grains are very bigger as compared to the eggs. Also, uncooked rice is very hard and it takes effort to squeeze them.

If you try to break one grain with your fingers you might feel a little pain on your finger or nail tip.

On the other hand, a bed bug egg is so small that you might need a microfine glass or a zoom-in camera to make them visible.

Their eggs are nearly invisible to human eyes when they are being laid over the light or white surface.

What Do Bed Bug Eggs Look Like?

Just like we mentions bed bug eggs are virtually identical to rice grains. they all are the same size. The size is as same as salt particles.

There is only one-bed bug in an egg. On average female bed bugs lay up to 500 eggs in their life cycle.

They always give eggs in clusters, if you look at them then they might seem like white dust.

They are so small that you might ignore them wherever you try to do the investigation. But there are some tools that you can use to find these small eggs.

To find bed bug eggs you can use a regular or an ultraviolet flashlight which helps you to find bed bugs, shells, poops, and even eggs.

The trend is to lay eggs in tight cracks mostly near your bedding.

If you want to find bed bugs in your bedding then check-

Because once the eggs are hatched the first thing that a nymph wants is blood so that they can satisfy their hunger.

Once you have found the eggs, how do you get rid of them?

The first thing is to remove all the clutter from your bedroom and vacuum every crack and crevice. including furniture, baseboards, carpets, and curtains.

You can also buy a steam cleaner which is known to kill bed bugs and their eggs.

Or, you can use different chemicals that are available in the market.

What Do Bed Bug Eggs Look Like After They Hatch?

If you look closely at the hatched eggs with the help of your phone’s camera, you will observe a small hole on the top of the egg’s head.

The color and the size of the eggs remain the same. In addition, bed bugs do not break their eggs while they are getting out from their eggshell.

In easy words, they look like rice with a hole on the top which looks quite wired to observe.

Can Bed Bug Eggs Leave Strains After They Hatched?

Bed bug eggs are dry and do not leave strains but they are glued on surfaces like fair and wooden.

bed bugs on wooden surface

Even when the eggs hatch they do not spread any liquid and smell behind them. After being hatched the eggs shells are leftover and can stay there for a long time.

Bed bugs use these eggs shells to identify the place where they have infested before.

Bed bugs lay their eggs in places where no one can find them and they will not be disturbed. Eggs and newborns are only found in those places which are nearly hidden from human eyes.

How To Find Bed Bug Eggs?

Bed bug eggs are very small in size. If your bed or any other furniture is infested by bed bugs you will see these small white eggs on the surface of furniture or bed.

If you have a habit of checking your sheets closely then you can easily find them.

But if you don’t have that habit then you may not be able to find them.

But, If you use a tool that can make these eggs visible. For example, I use my phone micro camera to find bed bug eggs and evidence.

find bed bugs using phone

When you make these bed bug eggs visible, you may see that they look like rice grains. They look glacier white with no spots or lines.

The eggs are so small in size that they can be mistaken for dandruff.

How Do Bed Bug Eggs Feel

The eggs and leftover shells are too small that you cannot feel their sensation with your fingertips.

However, If you won’t feel the sensation then you need to give a little concentration to your fingertips.

Are They Feel Sticky

Bed bug eggs are not sticky even if you manage to squeeze them. The female bed bugs use a special kind of glue to stick them in a place.

However, the glue gets dry or absorbed by the surface.

Bed bugs only choose surfaces where the glue gets absorbed easily. That’s the reason why they lay their eggs on surfaces like wood and fabric.

However, Bed bugs use this fluid or glue to track the location of their eggs. A bed bug can easily smell the glue to identify the location of their next.

Feces, on the other hand, are used by bed bugs to track their spread zone with the aid of the stench.

Are They Smooth

Bed bug eggs do not have any spots or texture. They are smooth just like a chicken egg.

Although, bed bug eggs do have some texture just like other eggs a microfine glass or a camera can’t show those textures.

Do They Bed Bug Eggs Look Like Fly Larvae?

do bed bugs eggs look like fly larvae

There are many common things between fly larvae and bed bug eggs.

For example:-

The shape of both the eggs and the larvae same. They both look like rice grain.

Both of them are white but fly larvae are a little off-white. The head of a mature larva is darker as compared to the body.

In addition, a fly larva has stipes or you can say bumps on its body. On the other hand, the shell of a bed bug egg has a smooth surface.

And, the major difference between a bed bug egg or a fly larva is, that larva can move on their own cause they are living organisms.

But a bed bug egg can not move, they are stuck to a place where no one can see them.


Bed bug eggs are soft and small in size. You can easily squeeze them with your fingertips. If you use a microfine glass or a phone camera so you will observe that they are just like a rice grain.

They also look like fly larva. However, a larva is very big as compared to bed bugs eggs.

No matter bed bugs are hard or soft they are very dangerous and difficult to get rid of.

But, with a proper trick, you can easily get rid of these tiny bloodsuckers. You can use bed bugs killer sprays or steam vacuum. But I think the best way to kill these bed bugs is to call for pest control.

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