Can Bed Bugs Be Invisible?

No doubt bed bugs bites are painful and also very irritated. But it gets more irritating when you get bitten by some invisible bed bugs.

Invisible bed bugs!! Yes, many people believe they exist. Because sometimes these insects bite us but are not visible to our eyes.

According to

Bed bugs are 5-7 mm long and look like apple seeds and are clearly visible to humans. In fact, there are no known insects that are completely invisible. However, the bed bugs of newborn nymphs are much smaller in size and their whitish-yellow coloration makes them almost invisible to the human eye.

Can Bed Bugs Be Invisible

It is also very difficult and frustrating to find these invisible nymphs is difficult and frustrating. Plus, it gets even more annoying when these bed bug nymphs bite you at night when you’re tired and sleeping.

You can feel them crawling on your skin and it is a strange sensation. Many people believe that the bites of bed bugs nymphs are itchier than adult bed bugs.

But don’t worry, today I am about to teach you how to find and get rid of invisible bed bugs?

How To Find Invisible Bed Bug Nymphs?

Bed bug nymphs are very small, which makes them easy to hide in any crevice. Also, their whitish-yellow coloration helps them crawl freely on the sheets without anyone noticing.

However, below I have listed a few cool and cheap tools you can use to find these unseen nymphs.  

Beneficial tools:-

  • Ultraviolet light or a regular flashlight.
  • Any Smartphone (Don’t be surprised, I’ll show you how to use it).

Ultraviolet Light or Regular Flashlight

use flashlight to find invisible bed bugs

Bed bugs and their nymphs like crevices and dark places to hide. And, it is difficult for us to find these insects in these places.

But with the help of a torch or ultraviolet light, you can make your work easier.

A flashlight can be a very effective tool to find unseen bed bugs. But if you are able to spend some extra money, you can purchase an ultraviolet light which is more effective at finding bed bugs than a regular light.

A disadvantage of this kind of light is that you have to shine it directly on the bed bugs. This exposure to light can disturb them and as a result, they will move from one place to another.

So be careful and fast while using these lights.


using smartphone to find unseen bed bugs

Use a smartphone!!

Yes to find invisible bed bug nymphs you can use your smartphone. Don’t worry let me clear this thing out. 

Since bed bug nymphs are tiny in size and not easily visible to our eyes. So, you have to look closely from a certain point of view to spot these very tiny bugs which are very difficult to spot.

So to find these little bugs you need a tool that can make them more visible.

And a smartphone will be a wise choice. It has two features that can help you with the investigation. The first is the flashlight and the second is the camera.

To find these bugs just turn on your camera and flashlight. I use my phone’s micro camera.

A micro camera acts as a microfine glass which can make these bugs clearly visible. And believe me, it works really well.

Now that you know how to find so-called invisible bed bugs, let’s figure out how to eliminate them.

How To Get Rid Of Invisible Bed Bugs (Faster)?

Once you have identified all of these insect infestation sites, it is time to eliminate them using some tried and tested methods.

So let’s start with our first method.

Alcohol Spray

Some scientists have said that bed bugs are adapting themselves to handling the alcohol spray. However, I personally feel that you can easily kill this pest with the help of an alcohol spray.

You can fill some ethanol or some other chemical spray in a bottle and use it on every corner to prevent infection.


Since bed bug nymphs are almost invisible to us, there is always a risk that there are some places where these insects hide even after proper inspection.

So to reduce this risk you can wash your entire furniture or bedding. Since bed bugs cannot breathe water, they will die.


Bed bugs are small but not invisible. They can easily hide in crevices and reach us. But with some tools, we can easily find them and prevent them from causing infection.

Hopefully, now you know that bed bugs are not invisible. If you find someone who still believes in this myth, you can show them this article.

If you liked this post, please let us know in the comment section. Also, please share your bed bug stories with us.

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