Small Red Bed Bugs: How To Get Rid Of Them

Many people have asked me about the color of bed bugs. Because some people have experienced red bed bugs, some have experienced white bed bugs.

People who are familiar with these insects know their color and identity, but those who do not know. This post will help you.

Are Bed Bugs Red In Color?

Bed bugs are tiny insects that only suck blood. When white bed bug nymphs fill their bodies completely with blood, they turn into red bed bugs.

Are Bed Bugs Red In Color

If you squeeze these little red insects, blood comes out of them. These tiny red creatures can suck as much blood as an adult mosquito.

I personally believe that these little red bed bugs bite more than adults.

Since they are mostly newborns, they need an immediate blood meal so that their bodies can function properly.

Types Red Bed Bugs

There are generally three different types of red bed bugs. As we mentioned, most of these insects are nymphs.

The most common is a second-stage nymph. At this stage, the nymphs are mostly red in color. In addition, these nymphs are very visible to humans when they fill their stomachs completely.

Although the first stage of nymphs is also red in color they are very small and it is very difficult for you to see them.

The third stage of nymphs is also red, but they are slightly darker than the second stage. And when they are not fed they are light brown in color.

Where Do Red Bed Bugs Come From?

These red bed bugs are no different from other bed bugs. Like other bed bugs, they hide in crevices. However, most of the time they are found in beds and other bedding.

Most often they are found in pillows and mattresses so that they are easily accessible to you. But some of them can also come from cracks in the furniture.

Where Do Red Bed Bugs Come From

You can also find these little red bed bugs in your closet inside your clothes because they are attracted to human smells.

In addition, a female bed bug searches for a place to lay eggs. So there is a fair chance that you can find them in your living room and even anywhere else.

However, those bed bugs are not pure red, they may turn white or yellow due to lack of food (blood).

Where To Find Red Bed Bugs?   

Well, these little red bed bugs are not difficult to find, but you need to be a little careful. Since they are so small, they can easily hide inside crevices if you disturb them.

That’s why I’ve personally asked several pest eliminators how to spot these little red bugs. And, luckily they have told me some secret places where you can find them.

Here are some…


As I mentioned earlier these insects are mostly found in pillows so they can easily reach you. But where do these little insects hide?

The first place you need to inspect is all the corners of the pillow. Those little gaps in pillows are the perfect hiding places for these red bugs.

They can even get inside the pillow and start infecting it.


Like pillows, mattresses are also very popular places for these insects. They can hide under and around all corners of the mattress.

If your mattress has an opening, they will be able to enter. This insect finds mattresses very comfortable because they provide warmth and plenty of hiding places.

How To Get Rid Of Red Bed Bugs?

You should not throw away your pillows and mattresses, as this is not the right solution. You can use these easy DIYs to kill and repel all red bed bugs that are infected.

Dry And Clean  

If your bed is mostly infested with bed bugs. In this case, the most effective thing you can do is to dry and clean all bedding, including pillows, sheets, and mattresses.

This is the easiest and cheapest way to get rid of these insects.

Vacuum Cleaner   

Use a vacuum cleaner on all corners and surfaces of your bed and anywhere you find these bugs.

You should throw the bags in the trash on the street if you don’t want them to return to your room.


Small nymphs are also known as red bed bugs. They get their name from eating blood from humans and being red as a result.

They are commonly found in bed and other bedding including pillows and mattresses. So to get rid of them, you can dry clean your bed. Also, vacuuming is a good way to get rid of these insects.

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