Bed Bugs On Curtains (4 ULTIMATE Tips To Avoid Them)

Bed bugs are challenging to get rid of because sometimes we think we have killed their nest, and it is over. But think again.

These bugs can live anywhere in almost any condition. They can live in any place you never thought possible, for example, your beautiful curtains.

Can Bed Bugs Live Curtains?

Can bed bugs live in curtains? Bed bugs prefer certain surfaces where they can easily crawl and lay their eggs, for example, fabric. Bed bugs can live on curtains and drapes made of fabric material. However, curtains are the least preferred place for these bugs as they are far from the hosts.

These insects avoid light as they are photophobic. And the curtains are usually placed where the sunlight and other light is coming.

Why Do Bed Bugs Choose To Infest Your Curtains?

Bed Bugs In Curtains

Bed bugs only choose places where they can easily access to there hosts. They don’t decide to infest your curtains as their preferable place.

But, If these insects highly infest your house, then there is a chance that you might see them on your curtains.

Bed bugs mate very frequentlyβ€”male bug mates with a female bug by injecting its organ into the female abdomen.

Two weeks later, the female bugs search for a place to lay their eggs. They always choose a place where no one can disturb these eggs, and the curtain might give them the environment they are searching for.

After choosing their desirable location, these insects lay eggs for about 6 to 8 weeks.

In some houses, drapes are very close to your bed or furniture, which makes it possible for bed bugs to infest your drapes.

For example, when I was dealing with the bed bugs problem, my computer table was one of the main places where I used to find a lot of these bugs.

And many times, I saw these bugs crawling on my walls and my curtains. I want to add that my curtains were close to my computer table.

So one day, I checked my curtains and saw one small bed bug’s nest, which contains black feces, eggs, and a few small-sized bed bugs (nymphs).

Then I realize that bed bugs can live on your curtain, and sometimes the reason is very simple. They want to get closer to you to search for a regular blood meal.

Do Bed Bugs In Curtains Is Common?

Why Do Bed Bugs Choose to Infest Your Curtains

If your curtains are closer to your bed, furniture, or any other place where bed bugs are already living, it is common to find them on your curtain. Most curtains are made of fiber, making it easy for the bugs to live there.

Nowadays, people are so busy with their work that they often do not open their curtains, due to which these insects easily survive and lay eggs.

Also, the longer you stay close to your curtains, the more you see these bugs.

Where Can Do Bed Bugs Hide In Your Curtains?

Where Do Bed Bugs Can Hide In Your Curtains

Bed bugs are tiny creatures that can hide in small and unseen places. These bugs have a habit of hiding inside crevices and folds.

However, a curtain is not a permanent place for these bed bugs. But it’s good to check for these bugs as they rapidly grow their populations.

If you want to find bed bugs in your drapes, then you need to check these places.

Bottom Of Your Curtain

Bottom Of Your Curtain

These bugs have six legs, making them good runners on the floor. They can easily crawl/walk on tiles, cement, and wooden floors. This is how they invade other places in your room.

If the ends of the curtains are touching the floor or walls, it is easier for these insects to climb onto the curtain and make a home.

In addition, the ends of curtains have stitches and folders, which is one of the safest places for these insects.

If you sit near your curtains like me and feel some irritation on your feet, you need to check your floors and the ends of your curtains.

Curtain Rods

Curtain Rods

Curtain rods are far away from these insects, but if you have a lot of bed bugs in or near your curtains, you can probably see them on the rods.

Also, if the rod is made up of aluminum or any other smooth surface, it indicates to the bugs that the place is not for them.

But if your rod is from a material where bed bugs can walk properly, for example, wood, they can quickly infest there.

And often, you’ll see these bugs between the rod and the top ends of your curtains.

But even then, crawling on top of the rods is not suitable for these insects because this way, they become too far away from their host.

Plus, at the top of your curtains, there’s a bed bug enemy called a spider. Like any other insects, these bugs also have predators that can eat them to feed their appetites, and the spider is one on that list.

Hooks And Rings

Bed bugs need some surface to mate and lay eggs, and the hooks do not provide them with enough surface to live on. Also, curtain hooks are plastic, the least preferable surface for these bugs.

However, if the bug has affected the top ends of your curtains, the rings are the best place to hide under them. The curtain rings are inserted to provide some gaps that are best to hide.

Bed Bugs In Bathroom Curtains: Is It Commons?

Bed Bugs In Bathroom Curtains

Finding bed bugs in the bathroom is like dandruff on a bald person. Meaning the chance are extremely low.

But checking for these insects and other signs in your bathroom curtains is good to end an infestation ultimately.

If you want to check your shower drapes, you need to check for a few signs:

  • Dark brown or black spots are also known as bed bugs feces.
  • Tiny bugs are primarily white and light yellow.
  • Blood strains sometimes bed bugs explode due to meal overloading.

If you find bed bugs in your bathroom, then it’s a red alert about the infestation. The only thing that can save you from this infestation is a pest control system.

Types Of Curtains: Which One Is Best For Bed Bugs

Undoubtedly, people use different curtains to make their homes more attractive. These different kinds of curtains have other materials. Some give advantages to the bugs, and some don’t.

If you want to know which curtains are suitable for bed bugs infestation, keep reading.

Plastic Curtain

These PVC transparent curtains are usually used in offices and halls. These curtains are used to prevent pests and dust in the house.

These curtains are made to prevent pests; some are difficult to handle, like bed bugs. But luckily, these curtains are made of PVC material which is a very smooth surface for bed bugs.

These insects do not like smooth surfaces because they cannot climb these types of surfaces comfortably.

Also, plastic surfaces are not suitable for laying eggs. When a female bug lays eggs, it releases a liquid-like glue to stick the eggs to the surface. But a plastic surface does not support these glue-type liquids.

This is the reason why bed bugs do not choose plastic made curtains.

Net Curtain

A net curtain is made of translucent fabric, which is comfortable for these insects to climb and lay their eggs on.

But the problem with these curtains is that they are thin and can easily pass through sunlight.

And let’s not forget bed bugs do not like direct sunlight. Because one thing is common in all those places where bed bugs have infested, they all are in dark areas.

But other than that, if your net curtains are placed in a room where there are no more or fewer lighters, these net curtains are a great place for these bugs to infest.

Velvet Curtains

Velvet is a very expensive and stylish martial for your curtains. It makes your home look more luxurious and beautiful. And no one wants to spoil the looks of these good-looking materials.

If your home is infested with bed bugs, then your velvet curtains are something you need to take care of. It also gives these insects an excellent surface to climb on and increase their population.

Velvet mostly comes in dark colors like purple, blue and brown. Scientists and several pest control companies have said that bed bugs are attracted to dark colors. They consistently choose dark colors because they can hide and remain invisible in front of their host.

So if you have dark-colored velvet curtains, you need to check them before it’s too late.

How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs In Curtains

Let’s accept bed bugs are very hard to get rid of. But with the correct information, you can win this battle.

Wash Your Curtains

Now you have confirmed that your curtains have bed bugs. The first and easiest step you can take is to wash all your curtains.

Bed bugs’ body is only made to crawl and climb. They cannot swim under the water. By washing your curtains, you are not only killing these bugs, but also you are killing all the tiny eggs.

But before washing your curtains, you must read the tags or google about the fabric. You must check the washing instructions first.

Still, if you want to wash your curtains, you need to add some detergents to clean all the blood strains of these bugs.

Steam Iron

As we know, bed bugs could not stand a chance in front of high temperatures. So using a good quality of steam iron can help you get rid of these tiny creatures.

But be careful while using a steam iron on net curtains as the material is so soft that it can be damaged if you get a little careless.

Vacuum cleaner

Using a vacuum cleaner to kill bed bugs is an old-school method, but it’s still one of the best ways.

You need to use the vacuum where you see these bugs. The vacuum will quickly suck off the bugs and the eggs.

But it would help if you dumped the cleaner beg as soon as possible because the bugs can easily crawl outside your vacuum when it’s turned off.

Pest Control

If you find bed bugs in your curtain, then it means that these bugs highly infest your house. As bed bugs are very hard to get rid of for an individual, the last option is to call pest control.

They know what to do and how to do it. Homeowners in the US spend an average of $1,000 to $2,500 to exterminate bed bugs. The cost might be prohibitive, but believe me, this is the best way to get rid of these bugs.


Bed bugs can live on curtains, and they can rapidly grow their population without getting noticed.

They are notorious pests, and it is very complicated to kill them, but all these tricks mentioned above can quickly kill bed bugs from your curtains without damaging them.

Also, I want to suggest you call an expert pesticide company. Because if bed bugs have infested your curtains, it indicates that these insects severely infested your whole house.

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