Can Bed Bugs Live In Basement? {Best Guild For Dummies}

Bed bugs are known for their capability to live almost anywhere in your house.

They can infest places where you cannot easily find them.

Bed bugs can live in a basement, only if a person is living in it. Because bed bugs tend to invade places where they can easily suck blood from people, for example, your bedroom. If they are living in the basement, they may be living in infested mattresses and furniture that you put in your basement.

Even so, it’s hard to find these insects in the basement. You need to check for them because they can reproduce very fast.

So if you want to know how to get rid of these bugs from your basement then keep on reading.

How Do Bed Bugs Get Into The Basement?

How Do Bed Bugs Get Into The Basement

Bed bugs can enter your cellar in a number of ways. The most common way for them to enter there is because you have stored infested furniture, mattresses, wardrobes, and old clothes.

Or they’ve invaded almost every corner of your house and made their way into the basement.

Most families use the basement as an extra room where they do laundry and sometimes use it as a personal room.

Bed bugs always search for hosts, and their first priority is human blood.

So if someone is living in the basement, then there is a possibility that they can get into the basement.

Bed bugs can enter your basement from neighbors, but this is very unlikely to happen.

Can Bed Bugs Travel From Basement To Upstairs?

Bed Bugs are a very effective crawler. They can easily crawl on floors and walls and make their way from the basement to upstairs in search of new places or more hosts.

As bed bugs are home pests, they crawl in different places until they come across an ideal place for feeding, laying eggs, and mating process.

Especially female bugs are always on the lookout for new places. When a female bug finishes her mating process she tries to avoid other male bugs.

So to safely lay eggs and hide from other male bugs, female bed bugs find a new corner to grow their species.

The most common way female bed bugs can spread from your basement to other rooms is by climbing on walls because that is how she can easily spread from one place to another.

How To Find Bed Bugs In Basement?

It is quite difficult for a person to detect bed bugs without any equipment.

But you can use UV light to make your job easier. With the help of UV light, you can easily find these insects in the dark basement.

There are some places where you can find these insects like mostly they live in infested mattresses and other furniture.

So the first thing you need to do is seal your basement so that these bugs will not get out and infest or reinfest other rooms.

Now slowly use UV light or regular flashlight on your mattress, bedding, and other furniture.

You should also check for cracks as these insects can easily hide inside these cracks.

Remember you need to act fast as these insects avoid lights and any disturbances.

Their size is so small that they can easily hide inside any cracks and gaps.

How To Kill Bed Bugs In Basement?

If you find bed bugs in your basement, the best way to get rid of them is to call professional pest control. 

They know how to deal with these uninvited guests in your home. But don’t worry if you cannot afford the fee for the procedure.

Here are some cool ways you can do it now.

Use Alcohol Base Spray

Use Alcohol Base Spray

Alcohol spray acts as a solvent means it damages the bed bug’s outer shell.

These actions ended up killing bugs faster.

To kill these bugs with alcohol, spray the solution directly on bed bugs or the whole nest.

Alcohol is also a great way to get rid of these bed bugs.

Even so, it is not 100 percent effective. Because these insects are fast and can hide in crevices, spaces between electrical outlets and joints, it can be difficult to get alcohol spray into these places.

Alcohol is also harmful to us. It is a powerful remedy and can cause irritation to the eyes and sensitive areas of our skin.

In addition, alcohol is a very flammable liquid that is not good if unstable equipment is used.

In addition, scientists have also discovered that bed bugs are now developing their own immune systems to withstand the alcohol spray.

Fortunately, there are many other chemical sprays that can kill these insects instantly.

Using Hot Stream

Since these insects don’t like high temperatures, a streamer is a great way to get rid of bed bugs from your basement.

You just need to use a streamer that has a pipe so that you can easily steam your furniture’s cracks.

The hot steam method takes a lot of time and effort but still, it is not the cheapest and yet most effective method.

Using Heat Treatment

Using Heat Treatment

If you are willing to spend some money, heat treatment is an excellent way to kill bed bugs.

According to, Bed bugs and eggs die within 90 minutes at a high temperature.

However, heat treatment is a very expensive and time-consuming process.

Also, there is a chance that these insects will survive in heat treatment as the heat cannot penetrate into walls and in deep cracks.

But if you are planning to use heat treatment to kill all these bugs, then the first thing you need to do is inform your neighbors.

On 22 Fed 2018, a woman found died because of bed bug extermination that warmed the apartment to 139 degrees.

Are Bed Bugs Attacted To Basement?

Although bed bugs can survive in the basement, there are a few factors that these minor brown bugs can’t handle, such as low humidity, spiders, and rats. Let’s talk about all these step-by-step.


Bed bugs are photophobic. These insects prefer a place where they can get less light.

This is why they may prefer to live in your basement.

They are safe for bed bugs in dark places because that way no one can see them and they can easily lay eggs to increase their population.

They bite in the night because their ancestors lived in caves where they used to bite bats in the dark.

This is the reason why these insects mostly bite in the dark.

Low Humidity

Low humidity and warm places are ideal environments for bed bugs.

As we have mentioned that their ancestors lived in dark caves where they settled to live in low moisture areas.

However, according to studies, high humidity also kills insects.

Not only bed bugs, but all types of insects will die due to lack of moisture.

The higher the humidity level is the quicker the insects will die.

Bed bugs Predators

The cellar is also home to many other insects that can easily consume bed bugs to meet their needs.

Bed bugs are very small which gives other insects the advantage of eating these insects to get nutrition.


Can Spiders Eat Bed Bugs In The Basement

Spiders are natural predators of these insects.

If there is a bed bugs infestation, then there is a high chance that the spiders will catch some of them for their food.

If you have bed bugs in the corners of your closet or bed, you may see a spider near that spot.

Bed bugs are made to walk on wood and fiber, but they will face problems if they get caught in a spider’s web.

Which makes it easy for your spiders to prey on these insects.


Lizards survive by eating small insects such as spiders, flies, and even bed bugs.

lizards also live near your bed and other furniture to feed on flies and other insects.

Apart from this, lizard infestation can also help you get rid of bedbugs for a short time.

Also, having lizards in your house is more embarrassing than bed bugs in your house.

How to prevent your Basement from Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs can live up to 3 to 5 months even if they do not get any host to feed them.

So we need to look after our furniture and clothes so that we can stop the infestation.

To stop this infestation, here are some easy steps you can take right now.

  • Clean your furniture with alcohol: Before you put your furniture in the basement, you need to clean it of all dust and bed bug’s strain. This will not only prevent these insects from growing but will also give some more life to your furniture.
  • Pack all your furniture with a plastic Sheet:- Wrapping all your furniture with plastic sheets will protect your furniture from dents and dust. Bed bugs cannot lay eggs on plastic sheets. So wrapping your old furniture with a plastic sheet can be a good option.
  • Using Traps:- As we have mentioned several times, these insects are very small creatures, and you can accidentally get them in the basement. So if you want to catch or kill them from your basement, you can use traps. This method is cheap and saves you a lot of time and energy.
  • Bed bugs Killing Spray:- You can also use a bed bugs killing spray that is only made to kill these these bugs. These sprays are specially made to kill bed bugs and their eggs. This is the cheapest and easiest way to get rid of these bugs.

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