Can Bed Bugs Live In Parks? [3 Simple DIYs To Avoid Them]

Bed bugs are very notorious pests. They can live anywhere and they can travel from any surface to find a host. Despite their name, these insects can also infest some unexpected places that you never think about. But some places are not made of these insects for example:- PARKS.

Can Bed bugs Live in Parks? Bed bugs infest places where they can easily reach potential hosts. If bed bugs are getting enough food, that is, blood, they can easily live in the park. However, it is very difficult to find a blood meal in a park because a host is more active in a park.

How Long Bed Bugs Can Live In Parks?

How Long Bed Bugs Can Survive At Parks?

In a park, bed bugs will not survive as long due to fewer hiding places, plus a host is more active in a park than in the bedroom, meaning they will have problems sucking up enough blood.

These insects always bite their host when they are in a resting state because in this way they consume an ample amount of blood.

Apart from this, these insects also need a suitable environment that helps them to increase their population. For example:- They need places where no one can disturb them, especially their eggs.

There are many other reasons due to which these insects are not able to survive in the parks like:-


Bed bugs are home pests means they can only survive in a home environment. As these bugs could not stand against rainy and snowfall weather makes the park a not suitable place for them.

These insects also avoid direct sunlight because they are following their ancestors that were used to living inside a dark cave.

They also fear facing sunlight as they don’t want someone to see them and squeeze them because bed bugs are very visible in direct sunlight.

Less Places to Hide

Bed bugs mostly hide on your bed and other furniture and there are many reasons why they chose these places. One of the reasons for this is that your bed and furniture provide a lot of hiding places such as under-bed frames, footers, and boards.

But unfortunately, there are not many hiding places for bed bugs in the park except the lodge.

Can Bed Bugs Live Lodge?

Can Bed Bugs Live In Parks?

Can Bedbugs Live in Lodges? Bed bugs can infest lodges, but they can be difficult to survive. Lodges are generally well maintained and have less clutter than the average home, so bed bugs are unlikely to survive.

These insects can find plenty of hiding places in a lodge but even then, without proper nutrition, they will starve to death.

How To Avoid Bed Bugs In The Park?

Park bed bugs are very rare, but these insects are very difficult to remove from your home. You should take some measures so that you do not get these insects.

  • Washing clothes:- If you have gone on a picnic with your family and friends then you should be careful as chances are high that one’s belongings may have bed bugs. You must wash your clothes after you return home to avoid bed bugs.
  • Alcohol Spray:- Before you sit down, place your bed on a lodge or bench, you should use a good quality chemical spray. Since bedbugs do not like the smell of alcohol, they will not get close to any surface that smells of alcohol.
  • Bed Bugs Proof Sheet:- There are plenty of mattresses and sheets that guarantee they can help ward off bed bugs.

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