Can You Suffocate Bed Bugs? [UNCOVERD]

You may have heard of many ways to kill bed bugs. But have you ever heard of suffocating bed bugs? Well, if not, don’t worry because today I am going to tell you can you suffocate bed bugs, and what is it an effective remedy.

Can you suffocate bed bugs? Unless a person has highly scientific equipment it is nearly impossible to suffocate bed bugs. However, you can seal them with plastic wrap to keep bed bugs from starving.

How Long Do Bed Bugs Live Without Oxygen?

plastic seal bag, Can You Suffocate Bed Bugs

Bed bugs need oxygen just like other insects and living beings. Many people have the misconception that bed bugs do not have internal organs.

These have only one shell where the blood collects. But it is wrong that bed bugs have internal body parts like the digestive system, penis, and butt from where they defecate.

People also believe that bed bugs only need blood to survive, although they are partially correct. But these tiny red insects also need oxygen to function in their bodies.

If you manage to cut off all the oxygen around these insects you can easily kill them and prevent infestation.

In a recent study by scientists, it was discovered that bed bugs can only survive for 8 hours if oxygen is cut off.

The study shows that bed bugs can be suffocated by highly specialized equipment that is not available to the general public.

Killing Bed Bugs By Suffocating Them Is An Efficient Way?

Suffocating bed bugs is not an efficient way to kill them. You also need to be extra prepared to kill bed bugs as one mistake can prompt these insects to flee which can lead to infection at different sites.

Also, you need tools to kill this pest. Although there are a lot of chemical insecticides available in the marking they definitely kill bed bugs.

But there is no such tool available in the market which kills bed bugs by suffocation. And even if they were available, they would be very expensive.

Second, it takes a lot of time, and it’s not a one-man job. You need a professional team to handle the equipment and situation.

How To Suffocate Bed Bugs With Household Items?

Well, I know you’ve done everything possible to get bed bugs out of your house. Now you want to give this process a shot.

Well, if you really want to do this then here are some cool tricks you can use. And, wait… Not all of these tricks are as effective but can save you some money too.

Ceiling Bed bugs in Air-Tight Bags:- Ceiling bed bugs are readily available in every general and Walmart store in the United States and the United Kingdom.

All you have to do is wear all those clothes that make you think they might be infected with bed bugs.

Ceiling Bed bugs in Air-Tight Bags

For example, whenever I return home from the cinema, I keep my clothes in a sealed plastic bag for at least a day. It helps me trap bed bugs and kill them as well.

It is not 100% effective, and I recommend that you do not use old clothes as they may contain some insects that can spread to your clothes. Simply take them out of the plastic bags and wash them in the washing machine.

Wrapping Infested Furniture With Plastic Wrap:- If you want to protect or restrict bed bugs from getting on your furniture. Wrapping your furniture is an efficient way to protect it.

If you have brought used furniture from a garage sale or storage unit. This trick might help you to stop bed bugs from spreading in your house.

It is also one of the cheapest solutions to trap bed bugs at a site.

You can wrap your infested furniture and store it in an isolated place for a few days. This will suffocate bed bugs and will make your furniture bed bugs-free.

Although both the tips are very good to kill these insects, as we know these insects are very durable and now they are developing their immune system to handle any situation.

If you have bed bugs and I guess you do that is why you are here, then below I have recommended some of the most reliable and tested ways to kill these insects.

Best Way To Kill Bed Bugs

Vacuum Cleaner

It is a lifesaver for those who fall prey to these blood-sucking creatures. As you know bed bugs are very small creatures and can hide in various hidden crevices.

These cracks are not visible to humans, which makes them difficult to access. So you can use a vacuum cleaner to catch these tiny insects.

Sucking the pressure of the vacuum cleaner causes the bed bugs to lose their grip and fall into the disposable bag.

You should use the cleaner on every piece of furniture and even on the floor as most people have got bed bugs on their floors as well.

After using the bag, you should throw the bag in the garage so that the bugs don’t return to your home.

Chemical sprays

Chemical sprays

There are many chemical sprays that give 100 percent security to kill bed bugs. But did you know that every chemical spray has advantages and disadvantages?

Don’t worry here are some of the best alcohol sprays that you should use.

  • Alcohol base sensitizer.
  • Ethanol
  • Raid foaming spray
  • Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug, Flea, and Tick Killer
  • HARRIS Black Label Bed Bug Killer

Final Words:-

It is very difficult to suffocate bed bugs because you need a highly specialized tool like a vacuum chamber to do the job. And, the biggest problem is that you cannot use them in your home as they are not available to the general public.

But there are some home DIY remedies you can use to suffocate bed bugs. The first is a plastic seal bag and the second is a wrap.

However, there are many other methods that can easily kill bed bugs. One of them is a vacuum cleaner and the other is a chemical spray.

I hope this article gives you all your answers. If yes then please let us know with your comments.

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