Does Zevo Kill Bed Bugs? {DOES IT REALLY WORK}

Do you want to use a cheap and effective remedy to kill bed bugs? Well, then you should try Zevo.

Zevo is a highly effective product that will help you kill bed bugs in your home.

And, don’t worry if you’ve never heard of this incredible product, cause today I created this incredible post that covers all the questions about Zevo and bed bugs.

This article will tell you whether Zevo kills bed bugs and whether it is worth buying. 

So let’s jump right in.

Does Zevo Kill Bed Bugs?

Zevo works very well as a bed bug killer. It is very useful to protect your furniture such as chairs, beds, and other furniture. Zevo is very safe to use and kills bed bugs from your chairs, bed, and other furniture.

does zevo kill bed bugs
Credit:- Zevoinsects

This product repels insects with its smell. Plus, when you apply Zevo directly to bed bugs, it targets the nerve receptor vitals and kills them instantly.

Many pest control companies call Zevo a “natural” alternative to traditional pest control.

And, the company Zevoinsect also states on its website that it is the only natural instant killer in the market. This means that it can help a person get rid of not only bed bugs but all kinds of insects.

Zevoinsect has several lines of products for different types of insects such as flies, and crawling insects.

All the products can be easily purchased at very affordable prices. If you visit their site or store then you will find many types of products like:-

  • Spray for ants.
  • Spray for roaches.
  • Traps for flies and other insects.

How Fast Does Zevo Kill Bed Bugs?

how fast do zevo kill bed bugs

According to Zevoinsect, their spray targets and kills biological pathogens found in insects.

The company assures its customers that its iconic product is designed to kill all insects without spreading that chemically irritating odor.

When you use the spray directly on bed bugs, Zevo kills them instantly within a second.

Since this smell makes them uncomfortable to breathe, using it on your bedding, mattress, and pillows can help you get rid of the irritation caused by bed bugs.

How To Use Zevo Spray & Traps For Bed Bugs?

I have divided this section into two parts to make it easier for you to understand how to use both Zevo Spray and Trap.


The most effective way to remove bed bugs from furniture such as cupboards, sofas, beds, etc. is to use a spray.

It is well known that bed bugs are flat and dark in color, which helps them to hide in the most hidden parts of furniture. A normal person cannot handle these types of places to kill all the insects.

But, luckily, a spray can. Spray bottles are used to spray liquid that can penetrate crevices and kill bed bugs easily.

The spray bottle has two modes. The first is the spray mode and the second is the steam mode.

When in spray mode, spray the liquid from an appropriate distance from the area. Spray mode is useful if you want the spray to penetrate thin cracks and pores.

But when you are dealing with multiple bed bugs at the same time and in the same place, you should use stream mode.

This can be very useful when you see bed bug nests in your furniture.


If you want to prevent bed bugs from spreading from room to room, traps are the best way to go.

As I mentioned in one of my articles, bed bugs can crawl on any floor, be it wood or marble.

By crawling on the floor, these insects can cause serious infestations in your home. So to stop them you can use the Zevo trap.

The trap is very easy to use and install. It takes only 30 seconds to set up a trap.

It is a fact that many pest control companies offer their customers to install these traps because they know how reliable these devices are.

You can use these nets around your bed so that these insects cannot go inside your bed and do not disturb your precious sleep.

Pros and Cons of Using Zevo Products


  • It is easily available in online and offline markets.
  • Zevo traps are easy to use and install.
  • All Zevo products are very cheap and effective against bed bugs.


  • To kill bed bugs with Zevo Spray, you’ll need to spray the solution directly on them, or it won’t work. The smell can drive away bed bugs but cannot kill them.
  • However, the company has stated that Zevo does not outright harm people and pets. But if you have any skin-related problems then you should avoid applying this solution to
  • your body.

Can I Spray Zevo On My Bed?

Yes, you can use Zevo spray on your bed without problems. Spray components are made from essential oils safe for humans.

Before using the spray, check all possible bed bug spots. Spray the solution 8 to 10 inches away from the surface you wish to treat.

This solution can be sprayed on pillows, mattresses, and even sheets. This will create a nighttime barrier against bed bugs and help you sleep without bites.

When I used to deal with bed bugs, I used Zevo every night before bed. Zevo was one of my favorite sprays. It stops bed bugs from biting me and doesn’t spread an irritating smell.

Is Zevo Harmful To The Skin?

Zevo Spray is safe for humans and pets. However, as with any insecticide, it is important to avoid direct contact with the skin and eyes. If skin or eyes come into contact with spray material, wash them with water.

There is no evidence online that Zevo harms the skin. However, if you believe you can use Zevo on your body all I want to say is don’t do it.

Anyway, if you want, you can spray them on your clothes at night.

Is There Another Way To Stop Bed Bugs Rather Than Zevo?

Well, Zevo is actually a very effective way to eliminate bed bug infestations. But if you’re dealing with a serious infection, I recommend you call a professional.

Because one or two bottles of Zevo Spray will not prevent this type of infection, you need to use a permanent solution.

One of my favorite methods is heat treatment and vacuum cleaners.

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